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Nick James Media 2.0 is here!

Nick James Media has officially launched a new platform for scheduling and managing your appointments, receiving your media, and property websites and marketing content included with every booking. 


Choosing the services you need and knowing exactly what it will cost is now a whole lot easier.

What's new:

  • Media packages are simplified and clear.

  • No more passwords to remember. A phone number is all you need.

  • Easily select the add-ons and additional services you need.

  • More detailed booking information where you can make sure I have all the info I need.

Media Page.jpg

Media Delivery

This is the biggest (and best) upgrade

What's new:

  • Download your photos individually or all at once in multiple-size options.

  • Share your photos with people who need them

  • Access your photos for months

  • No more "add to cart" stuff. Just click "Pay Now" and access your photos all through the automated email.

Marketing Content.jpg

Marketing Content

This is probably the most exciting upgrade!

What's new:

  • Each property will get its own professional "one-sheet" website that hosts everything you order

  • Tons of templates to download flyers, postcards, social posts, and more! Automatically built with your photos, property info, and contact information...for free!

  • Everything is automated and customizable. You can do as much or as little as you would like.

If you would like to see examples, get help, or watch some short walk-through videos on the new process, visit the new help page by clicking here.

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