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I'm Nick, your photographer.

I enjoy studying and playing chess, spending 99% of my free time with my wife and adorable toddler daughter, and I'll never turn down chips and salsa.

Since 2018, I have been serving up amazing photography and videography to realtors, brokers, homeowners, builders, property managers, and local businesses. I am based in Eugene, Oregon, and open for travel.

Read on to learn more about my business philosophy and what you can expect working with me.

First impressions mean something.

I am extremely conscious of the fact that I represent the real estate agent who hired me. When I show up to a property, whether the homeowner is there or not, I am dressed professionally and am on time. I'm respectful, courteous, and polite.

Selling a house is a huge financial event in someone's life.

It doesn't matter if it's a "2 bedroom 1 bath" starter home or a multi-million dollar estate. I want to help the homeowner and the realtor be as successful as possible in selling their house. This means taking exceptional photos that they are excited about while providing a low-stress experience.

Homes are emotional. They're sentimental.

I don't just think about how to make a room look good. Yes, of course, my goal is to show off the home at its best for enticing potential buyers. But, I also take photos with the sellers in mind. Some put blood, sweat, and tears into remodeling. Some have been in that home for decades, with memories surfacing around each corner of that house. I aim to capture those unique feelings, delivering photos that are professional and emotional all at the same time. 

I take my time.

Real estate is a fast-paced industry, needing everything done, like,  yesterday! While I know the importance of a quick turnaround time, I don't rush through photos. If I see something I don't want there, I move it. If I think the composition is a little off, I set up the shot again. I take pride in my work and will not sacrifice quality over speed. 

I love my tool belt as much as I love my camera strap.

I spent years building custom high-end homes and remodeled the entire interior of my current home myself. I notice the details. I see how the designer strategically placed southern-facing windows. I see how the builder went above and beyond with skilled trim work. I'm aware that the ease and flow of going from one room to another was no accident. I want to capture all of that in my photos. 

Photoshop is my happy place.

Once I'm done taking photos at the house, the work has just begun. Each photo is edited individually by me—no presets or "auto-editing." Editing is my passion, my flow state, and I take time with each image to ensure every shot looks its best. I consider myself a Photo Editor first and a Photographer second.

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