How it works:

  1. Photoshoot*

  2. Edit (1-2 Business Days)

  3. Receive a link to view completed photos

  4. Add photo package to your cart

  5. Pay and download (Paypal and credit cards accepted)

No additional charge for:

  • Larger Homes

  • Color Correction

  • High Resolution Photos

  • HDR/Exposure Blending

Photo Packages

MLS Package


MLS Package

w/ Aerial Photos


Photo Packages Include:

  • Global Color and Exposure Corrections

  • RMLS and HD sized photos

  • Simple semi-transparent "YEAR" watermark. (No branding)

  • Typical next morning turn around (24 hr guarantee) 

*Any locations ten miles or more from Valley River Center requires an additional $.80 per mile

**I do have authorization from the FAA to fly most of Eugene airspace, but aerial photography is contingent on weather and compliance with all FAA safety regulations.

I've created a FAQ page all about safe and legal drone operations HERE.

Additional Services:

Content Removal & Photo Manipulation

$5/per photo

Great for your listing's Main Photo.

Remove a car parked in the driveway, leaves in the grass, and more.


$10/per package

Imbedded information and keywords for search engine optimization

Video & Slideshow

Contact for pricing

HD Highlight videos and video tours. Edited with copyright free music.

All images ©2020 Nicholas Shafer