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Update: Monday 5/17/21

Update: Tuesday 5/20/20

On 3-23-19 Governor Brown issued the executive order “Stay Home, Save Lives”. The order lays out significant restrictions for individuals and includes specific guidance for businesses that remain open.

The main objective of the executive order is to reduce person-to-person contact as much as possible. So at this time, I would greatly prefer doing photos and videos for vacant or unattended homes only, but I also understand homeowners can feel uncomfortable not having someone present. If that is the case, to minimize the amount of time in the home and the contact with surfaces:



  • Confirm that no one in the house is or has recently been sick AND has not been around anyone that is or has recently been sick.

  • Ask the owner to have the absolute minimum amount of people present in the home during the photoshoot

  • Inform the homeowners of the distancing requirements for businesses staying open during this time (six feet at all times). That usually has to be accomplished by the homeowners waiting outside or in their car during the photoshoot.


  • Have all lights and lamps on for good lighting

  • Open all thick or heavy window blinds and pull up any small or lightweight window blinds

  • Wipe down surfaces if possible before and after

These are recommendations from the executive order and from the Oregon Association of Realtors that I will be following for all photoshoots:


  • I will not photograph a client's home under any circumstances if I am or have recently been sick OR if anyone in the home is or has recently been sick.

  • Stay six feet apart from all people during photoshoots. 

  • I will use hand sanitizer spray before and after leaving home

  • I will be using sanitizing all photography equipment that was used after every photo shoot.

Thank you for all your help in making the photoshoot as safe as possible!

To any owners who might be concerned, I am now fully vaccinated. I will still follow all guidelines set in place and would be more than happy to still wear a mask for any homeowners/agents who request it. 

Posted: Friday 3/20

First off, I wanted to let you know that I'm making every effort to remain available for business while we all navigate the current outbreak of COVID-19.


For as long as the state allows I will stay open to get you the photos you need. That being said, with news of Oregon most likely implementing a "stay at home order" in the following days, I will have no choice but to postpone all photoshoots as photography is not considered an "essential" line of work that would be exempt from those orders. If this happens I will send out an update to agents who have scheduled photoshoots and I will also update my website.

Please also take note of the following:

I'm taking proactive steps to ensure the health and safety of those around me and the homes they live in. This includes using hand sanitizer just before entering and immediately after leaving, practicing social distancing, and will now be adding the wearing of disposable gloves while in the home. I want to make sure homeowners feel a little bit of comfort knowing that I'm taking their health and safety seriously.


Of course, if I feel any symptoms of being sick or come in contact with someone who is, I will immediately notify agents that have upcoming appointments to reschedule or cancel. In turn, I am asking that agents cancel any appointments if they themselves or any of the homeowners feel like they are or have potentially come in contact with someone who is showing symptoms.

Thank you for your support and patronage! I'm proud to be a service for our local communities.

We'll get through this, together. Stay safe!

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